DumaJor / SiquiGuete

This is a Sana Maulit Muli Sunday experience.


Okay so why the heavens did I went to Dumaguete? What is the sense of this blog? *Is this really sensible?*

The answer is, tada! My mom and her orgmates went to Dumaguete to do their ocular for the next anniversary of their organization. So the event gave me the opportunity to tag along. Now you see, the chance I took that changed my perspective about traveling and the likes. *wink wink*


Dumaguete got my firsts. (1) First trip out of Luzon. (2) First Visayan place traveled to. (3) First plane ride. (4) First getaway without friends. *My mom’s orgmates are now my colleagues too. Small world right?* (5) I became an amateur photographer. *For their documentation purposes*

Without further ado, my masterpiece. (CHAR!)

I loved the simplicity of their life. Plus their tricycles are big! 6 extra normal  people in one vehicle is simply amazing! The sea breeze was refreshing. We also had a free historical tour courtesy of our driver. *12 thumbs up!*

That short experience made me mark Dumaguete as my traveller’s turning point. The place opened the inner adventurer in me. Maybe if I did not took that opportunity, this blog won’t even be conceived. So thank you so much Dumaguete! Thanks Mom and friends! *HUG!*

Now lezz do the side trip.


As I was saying mom & her friends were the amazing people who transformed me. *Wow transformed!* They were the pioneers who made me discover my passion in travelling and photography. Indeed, they succeeded.

After Dumaguete, we went to Siquijor. There were so many enchanting stories about the place. The place is really enchanting in a good sense. Captivating Siquijor.

Cambugahay Falls
Lazi, Siquijor

Amateur shots of the captivating Cambugahay falls in Lazi, Siquijor.

But before you reach the magical falls, you must first go through these stairs.

That’s Mom, Me and Tito. The biggies who were so proud they made the hundreds of steps to and from the falls. Cambugahay is a gem!

Salagdoong Beach

I do really tell you guys that this is one of the best beaches I’ve been to.

See that slide? I really want to slide on it! Also the most famous cliff in Salagdoong. Other groups were screaming super fun too. But fear got a hold of me because I really don’t know how to swim. And mom&friends were so frightened for my dear life because they don’t know how to rescue too. So to avoid any accidents, I opt to just follow them. But I swear, when I go back to Siquijor, I’ll tick those off of my list.

Hi Ate Shine & Tito Gibs! The people who trusted me in my photography skills. Thank you!

Look at the Salagdoong beach’s pristine white sand. I tell you guys,  it is just like Boracay’s. Plus it is so peaceful here. True meaning of relaxation and serenity.


So there you go guys! It was such a short travel but that moment changed my course in life. The peace in Siquijor strengthened me. I pursued Library and Information Science because of the influence of mom & friends. My passion in travelling and photography intensified in this place. It really helped me to find my purpose and dreams in life.

“Sometimes you need to get lost, in able to find your purpose.”

Love lots! 💙


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