church bell, cagsawa ruins

Lagalag sa Legaspi

Parallel title: Wanderer in Legaspi
Who: High school friends
Where: Legaspi, Albay, Bicol Region, Philippines

We are really going to Caramoan. And since we need a stopover, we decided to do a side trip to Legaspi. And it didn’t fail us. I assure you, it won’t fail your expectations to see the famous perfect cone shaped mountain, Mt. Mayon.


A bumpy route that passes through water, rocks and trees. Off to the road ride, go!

Chika Alert: I don’t know how to operate a bike nor an ATV. So I was really afraid that the ATV might be a no-no for me. But look at the pics and it will tell you, it is worth the ride. 😉

We chose the easiest and cheapest trail because of the time and money constraints. (Also, I’m too excited to see the waters of Caramoan.)

If you are now considering going to Legaspi and availing this trail, you can look into Mayon SkyDrive ATV Adventure for reference. You can also choose other exciting trails. 😉



Kinda cloudy at this side


My dear readers, that is your prize after the trail, a wonderful masterpiece! And hey! Look below at our Instagram-worthy group shots. 😉

ATV shot

The we-made-it shot

ATV shot

The view of the Mayon Volcano is worth it!


Jump friends!


You can stop by this scenic place after the tiring bumpy ride. There are food stalls near the souvenir shops that will provide you with refreshments. Try their famous chili mango shake that will make your mouth fiery.

Chika Alert: I love spicy foods. So for me the drink is a must try.

Spicy drink

I love how the drink played with my senses. It is refreshingly cold, the sweetness and sourness of the mango fruit blends well with the hotness of the chili. All their chili shakes has levels 1-3 to choose from. I had mine in level 2 and I tell you guys, it is super hooot! 🔥🔥🔥


So after refreshing ourselves with the drink, we all now prepare to be camera ready for another batch of magnificent shots. But before all of that, here’s a little background.

“The Cagsawa Ruins are the remains of a 17th century church built by the Franciscans. … In February 1, 1814, Mt. Mayon began its most violent and deadly eruption in recorded history. Unfortunately, the church, along with most of the town of Cagsawa, was destroyed by lahars and pyroclastic flows, killing thousands of inhabitants.”

“… Today, the site of the Cagsawa ruins is now a park managed by the municipal government of Daraga and is now the most visited tourist spot in Albay. In 2015, the site was declared a national cultural treasure, the Philippines’ highest designation for a cultural property.” — WowLegaspi

church bell, cagsawa ruins

The historical church bell left by the Mt. Mayon’s eruption in 1814


Supposed to be trick shot. Hi Jec!

Aside from being a historical site, the church bell is also a famous spot for trick shots such as the photo above. (Sorry I’m not that good at it.)

I love cagsawa

Author at I love Cagsawa sign

Legaspi is the place to be. The scenic landscape will make you stop walking away from it. It is hard to leave but I need to depart in order to arrive.

See you again Legaspi!
Now, here we go Caramoan!

💙 Maye