Tips on how to ask travel permission from your strict parents

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OMG! May lakad ang tropa! But how can you ask permission from your parents?  So I made this list based on my experience. Please don’t tell your mom & dad that you got it from me.

✔️Magpakabait ka muna = (Behave/ be the good child)
✔️Gising ng maaga = (Wake up early)
✔️Magprepare ng umagahan = (Prepare the breakfast)
✔️Iready ang sasabihin = (Practice thy speech)
✔️Mata sa mata ang usap = (Eye to eye contact while talking)
✔️Ibida ang goodness ng lakad = (Bring out the goodness of the travel)
✔️Detailed itinerary from Departure to Arrival
✔️Assure them na kaya mong alagaan ang sarili mo na di ka shunga = (Assure your folks that you can take care of yourself and that you are not stupid)
✔️Isa-isahin ang mababait mong kasama at siguraduhing kilala sila ng pagpapaalaman mo = (Introduce all your travel buddies and make sure your folks know them)
✔️Mag-iwan ng isang damukal na contact nos. (This is not OA, dapat lang na alam to ng parents mo, in case of emergency) = (Leave their contact numbers. This is not an exaggerated move. Your parents must knew it in case of emergency.)
✔️Wag mong sasabihin na “Papayagan nyo po ba ako?” = (Do not ask them if they’ll agree on it.)
✔️State the fact na gusto mo talagang sumama, wag patanong = (Do not ask them, state the fact that you really want to join your buddies.)
✔️Magpasalamat sa desisyon = (Be thankful for their decision)
✔️Kapag pumayag, wag kang tatalon, pasimpleng ngiti lang at hug at pumasok sa kwarto = (If they gave you their blessing, do not jump out of joy, simply smile, hug them and go inside your room.)


=(I translated it in English just in case I have foreign readers)

Lovelots, Maye


Jan- Nagsisimula yan

Jan- Nagsisimula yan/ January- That is the start

🎊 HAPPY 2017! 🎊

How are you guys? Happy January! *jump jump jump*

The long vacation is officially over. Aww! But despite of going back to work, I feel so ecstatic today. Maybe for the good things to come, yes? Yay!

How’s Christmas? Have you completed the gifts in your wishlist? I ticked off half of it, so it was pretty awesome. Writing this paragraph made me feel so old. Before I was the one impatiently waiting for gifts/aguinaldos, but last holiday season, I was the one delaying their gifts. Hahaha! All in all I do love giving gifts. It just relaxes me seeing someone smiling from ear to ear because you gave that person something he never expects. Surprise!

How’s your vacation? Mine was unpredictable and a roller coaster of emotions. I attended the debut of my friend’s sister. I lost another grandpa, may he rest in peace. I got to spend Christmas with my family at our hometown. My paternal grandfather got into an accident while everyone’s busy for the Christmas Eve. (Glad that he is now fine and as usual, writing.) My father’s clan was almost complete and we took those recreation shots and family pics. (I became the photographer. 📸I went to Star City with my maternal cousins. I went to Caramoan with my bestfriend and our new found travel squad. I spent New Year in the city with my mother’s clan. I spent the whole day after New Year watching Goblin. So for me it was a wonderful vacation. 👍👍

Have you attended some annual family gatherings? (Stories and tweets of friends about theirs was so hilarious.) How are your Aunties and Uncles that haven’t seen you in ages? I wonder, why do they keep on reminiscing our kalokohan/naughtiness when we were young? (Embarrassing, really.) Some were telling you, “Ang laki mo na!” wondering if they mean your height or your weight. That makes you worry of the “holiday fats” that you gained. Now you are thinking of shedding them yet, food is life. Don’t worry, I feel you. 😭


By the by, let us start January with a loud thud. And hopefully more timely blogs. 😁 May our 2017 give us a bang-bang of faith, beng-beng of love, boom-boom of happiness and explosion of bountiful blessings.

Reminder: New Year is not a one time chance to be the best. Because the time to be the best is always. 🎉

Have a great year ahead!


My Trending Stories

Hi guys! So I will introduce you to this site called My Trending Stories. (Woohoo! Pop those balloons!)

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The site is so awesome! (How many times have I said the word awesome? 😂) I am not saying this because I’m part of the team. I am informing you guys because before I accepted the opportunity, I checked the site that is why I am sure that I’m with the right team. (Group hug!)

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See you guys at the site!
Happy blogging everyone!
Love lots! 💙